The Importance of Branding Your Business

Branding was important then, and a business worked hard to select a logo and an image that represented their product or service. Today, however, there are many more points of contact. Aside from your physical business, you probably have a website, a blog and can be found on social media. There is a lot of noise out there, and so it is more important than ever to stand out.

What Makes Up Your Brand?

It is more than an eye-catching logo. It is how you communicate and respond to your customers. Are you hip and casual? Are you down-to-business and professional? If that is part of your brand, then that is what you need to deliver, consistently.

Branding your business means that you have a “voice” that your customer will recognize and come to expect. That voice must be consistent across all communications. Emails, blog posts, social media blurbs and advertising must all convey that voice in order maintain your brand. With so many businesses competing for the attention of the customer, you want to make sure that you are recognizable, trustworthy and consistent.

Knowing Your Customer

This should come first. Who is your ideal customer? How old are they, what do they do for a living and what kinds of problems do they have? This information is essential when you are deciding what kind of image you want to put out there. Sloppy branding may alienate the very people who you are trying to build relationships with.

Know your customer and be sure that you are conveying your business personality and values to them in everything you do. Once you have your brand nailed down, be sure that you remain consistent with it.

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