So You Want to Create Your First Video

Now that you have decided to create your first video, take a few moments to decide what approach will work best for your image, your product, company or service. Each of these will have a different look, and remember that you will be doing this video as part of an overall marketing campaign, so it needs to fit into your strategy or advertising plan.

Plan Ahead

Please, please, please start with a plan on paper. Professional videographers use what is called a storyboard in the industry. This can be as simple as a few boxes with text and simple drawings, similar to a newspaper cartoon strip. What you need to include is your storyline, the message you wish to convey. It should end with a call to action.

Elements to Include

Use content that is appropriate and/or interesting to your target audience. This is how you keep their attention. The video itself should generate an initial look, but to hold viewer interest, it must be meaningful and present material that they will consider valuable.

Practice Until Perfect

Do not try a quick fly-by-night production, because it will look cheap and amateurish. Use props like a prompter for your script text or memorize the copy until you can say it smoothly and in a natural manner. Review your production and redo it until you are happy with it; then have another person give you their opinion. Use a professional voiceover for products or service videos.


A burly, tattoo-covered guy in a tank top might be acceptable for advertising a tattoo parlor, but not a financial institution. Likewise, the groomed professional banker type may not fly as spokesperson for a clown training school. Persons in uniform are fine for advertising a particular group or educational institution, such as the military, school of cuisine or other professional training facility. Try to match the looks and demeanor of the spokesperson to the company being promoted.


Once your video is completed, add it to your website, your online social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, and tell everyone you know about your video. Send out emails, call people, and use your social media network to spread the word.


The final video will be different for each type of product. If you are the product, you want to be in the video or hire a professional actor to lend credibility to the video. A product or service video may be easier to create, because you just need to demonstrate those items. No one needs to appear personally, unless you want to have a spokesman on camera also.

Don’t be shy about creating your first video. We have tons of ideas for creative video production, and know how to help you complete your marketing campaign with associated items like brochures, postcards, product flyers and other marketing tools. Call for more information and let’s get started! Contact Miracrest Solutions today, at (877) 357-3444.

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