Have your customers see you, before they see you

It pays to invest in an introductory video to enhance your marketing to prospective customers. This type of video clip does not need to be an expensive production; it just needs to be fine-tuned and precise. You have an enormous opportunity with an introductory video to build a personal brand of credibility and trust in you, your product or your services.


Advantages of Introductory Video

Video is an exciting marketing element that has several advantages over plain text or still photos:
  • People respond better to visual cues, preferring visual communication to written text
  • You get to present your value message in person, face-to-face
  • Video is the best way to allow the audience to see you or your product in action
  • Video combined with audio and text multiplies the effect of your message

Create an Introductory Marketing Video

Add an introductory video to your other marketing efforts, such as direct mail campaigns, business cards, promotional products and other advertising for maximum effect. The video can be easily integrated into your website landing page or sent out electronically or on a DVD. It can be produced with minimum equipment and expense and still be a cost-effective introductory video created by our professionals. It could easily be just the low-cost device you need to boost your image with new customers.


Your Personal Brand

The image your audience will view should be highly representative of your personal brand, your expertise and qualifications. The more professional it looks, the better it will work to achieve your goals. It is a chance to make a dynamite first impression in a very short time period. Even the shortest video clip can work wonders to make an impression, as long as every second is high quality and the message is concise. This is where your investment in professional video production really pays off.

Expand Your Horizons for Marketing with Introductory Video

What if you could personally greet and send an excellent message to hundreds or thousands of potential clients? You can do this with your introductory video. People are curious; they will view your clips and run the DVDs just to see what’s up. It is the important foot in the door every salesperson wishes for and you can create introductory videos very economically. Expand your horizons for marketing and create an introductory video.

For more information, give us a call today so we can discuss this unique marketing option with you. Contact your Miracrest Solutions service representative at (877) 357-3444.

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