Build Authority and Approachability with Solid Business Relationships

Building a strong, diverse network of colleagues can make your clients feel like they’re working with one of the best, so how does one go about building solid business relationships?

Why Relationships Matter

Good business relationships take time to build and maintain, but they are especially useful in the real estate field. The process of buying a home is one that requires collaboration and clear communication, and your clients want a loan officer who can smooth over challenges simply by picking up the phone. Having a network of professional colleagues on hand, from realtors to builders and even past clients, shows that you are a respected figure in your field. It can also make it easier to streamline the financing and purchasing process, which means you’ll have more time on your hands to seek new clients and build your practice. In addition, cultivating cordial relationships can lead to word-of-mouth references, which means spending fewer resources on marketing and more time on pleasing clients.

How to Build Strong Relationships

A common mistake is to think about relationship building as somehow separate from the work you’re already doing. In practice, excellent networking is all about leveraging your current relationships and using them as a springboard to create new relationships down the line. Start by considering your current Rolodex of contacts. What can you offer that will make their work easier? How can you lend a hand or send the message that you’re available to help? Sending check-in emails, scheduling informal lunches, or offering words of congratulations are all simple ways to stay in touch with your contacts and begin to build a more personal connection. You don’t have to discuss private matters to build your relationship of course, and avoid coming on “too strong,” especially right off the bat. Instead, focus on asking questions and listening deeply to get a sense of their needs and how your skills might benefit them now, or down the road. Generosity and sincerity will go a long way toward building mutually beneficial relationships.
In other words, scratch a few backs before you expect anyone to scratch yours, and in no time you’ll have a more stable, supportive professional network.

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