Branding Your Business – The Secret to Setting Yourself Apart From Your Competition

The business world is becoming increasingly niche-oriented, and it’s crucial to your strategy to communicate what sets you apart. Do you offer extraordinary value? The best service? The finest luxury homes? Are you on the bleeding edge of technology? Craft these ideas into one solid message and think about ways to continually broadcast that to your customers.


Mission Statement

Your mission statement is an important behind-the-scenes part of branding your business – it sums up what you do and how you do it. If you can’t boil down your purpose into one short paragraph – 50 words or less – you will probably have issues with the overall clarity of your brand.



A tagline is a concise, punchy statement that helps clarify who you are to your customers. Be creative with your tagline – but make sure it communicates something meaningful about your brand. Some famous taglines for inspiration: Nike’s “Just Do It,” or Apple’s “Think Different.”


Visual Branding

Everything from your logo and website design to your business cards and signage are part of your visual branding. The colors, fonts, imagery and other visual elements you use should speak to your values as a company, and they should be easily identifiable as yours. Think of McDonalds and the golden arches, or Home Depot and the color orange. These visual cues instantly trigger thoughts of a brand’s overall essence.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is increasingly part of a business’s brand. What information can you offer your customers, and what voice do you use to communicate it? Are your blog and social media pages friendly and informational or sassy and irreverent? Make sure your voice is in line with all your other brand values.


Tackle these issues, and you’ve got a good start on a memorable brand. One thing to remember: Consistency is key. If you have one message one day and another the next, people won’t know what you’re really about. Once you’ve solidified your branding, be consistent in the ways you use it. Then shout it from the mountaintops – let people know how your business is special.

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