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3 steps to building your brand

it seems like everyone is a brand these days. From Kim Kardashian to LeBron James to the gourmet cupcake shop down the street. Every business professional is obsessed with branding. Building your brand as a real estate professional is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. As a real estate professional your brand will help determine your level of success.

Relationship Marketing for Loan Officers

Relationship marketing is an important facet of a Loan Officer's professional career. From building a cohesive contact list to tracking results, the following is a Loan Officer's guide to networking.

Are you diluting your brand?

If you take a substance--your morning coffee, for example, or your favorite after-work drink--and add water to it, it will become diluted. Weakened and thinned, it will lose much of its power and appeal. The same is true of your company's brand. Brand dilution can sap the strength of your brand, draining it of its ability to attract customers, differentiate your products from your competitors, and present a unified identity to the world. As you expend your business and brand, it pays to be acutely aware of the pitfalls of brand dilution.

Style Guides: Look Professional ... Every Where, Every Time

Do your marketing materials convey a less-than-professional image? If you are solopreneur, like a realtor or a loan officer, it is vital that your website and other marketing collateral be as professional as possible. After all, you are competing with larger businesses that may have invested thousands of dollars in their marketing materials. Developing a professional style guide goes a long way to successfully branding your business in a way that positions you as a true professional.

Do you have an effective brand or just a nice logo?

When you're a realtor, your brand is essential to your business. This means, it's so important that your brand is much more than just a pretty picture or 'logo', it needs to be truly representative of who you are and you need to live and breath it every day. 

Divide and Conquer: How to Work Your Client Database for Maximum Results

So you've got a decent client database? Congratulations on half the battle! Learning to "work" your database takes time and energy, but being smart about how you approach your list can make all the difference. 

Are you telling a story with your video?

Anyone who has ever taken the time to explore YouTube knows the power of a great video. Once something 'goes viral' it's power and more importantly, ROI for the creator is endless. Video marketing can bring incredible results if done correctly, but where do you start and how do you make it work for your business? 

Tips on How to Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is an effective part of an overall marketing plan to build your business. Not only will it showcase your properties, it can also build your brand, which insures long term success. 

Build Authority and Approachability with Solid Business Relationships

Building a strong, diverse network of colleagues can make your clients feel like they're working with one of the best, so how does one go about building solid business relationships?