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Style Guides: Look Professional ... Every Where, Every Time

Style Guides: Look Professional ... Every Where, Every Time

Do your marketing materials convey a less-than-professional image? If you are solopreneur, like a realtor or a loan officer, it is vital that your website and other marketing collateral be as professional as possible. After all, you are competing with larger businesses that may have invested thousands of dollars in their marketing materials. Developing a professional style guide goes a long way to successfully branding your business in a way that positions you as a true professional.

What Is A Professional Style Guide

Your style guide should include the basic visual elements that identify your brand. These may include:

  • Your business' logo.
  • Your professional headshot.
  • A color scheme that suits your brand.
  • The fonts you should use in your printed material.
  • A set of stock photos.

Benefits of Professional Style Guide

A professional look. People form judgments about your business within seconds of viewing your website, flier or brochure. If your marketing materials look homemade or sloppy, then people are not going to think your business is professional. Having a professional style guide helps you in professionally branding your business.

Clear brand identity. These basic elements are assembled to clearly identify your brand. If you want to convey a more serious high-end personality, you would pick a certain color scheme and logo style. This might suit a Realtor in an affluent area. If your brand is more fun, then you would pick more vibrant colors with a different set of fonts and images. This style might suit a cupcake bakery. The elements you chose must clearly send a message about the personality of your brand.

Consistency. An important part of branding your business is consistency across your various marketing channels. A style guide provides a consistent look for any marketing that you produce. Your website, brochure, emails, fliers and outdoor advertising will all have the same professional look.

Easy to Use. With a style guide, a basic set of decisions are made for you when you design your marketing materials. You don't have to worry about what colors, fonts or images to use. You have already made those decisions.

If you want to make sure that you are successfully branding your business, investing in a professional style guide for your marketing materials is a great way to start.