5 Tips For Outstanding Corporate Headshots

Although a corporate headshot is an essential image branding tool, some people simply dread having their picture taken and don’t look forward to another stuffy professional photo. Here are five tips for taking the best possible corporate headshot so you can put your best self out there.

1. Avoid the Morning

Let’s face it: nobody looks their best first thing in the morning. Even if you’re freshly dressed and polished, you probably need a few hours to really wake up and feel energized. You want your headshot to show that you’re lively and engaged so wait until you’ve had your coffee and something to eat, then pose for the shot.

2. Take Your Time

Allow enough time in your schedule to give the photographer time to do her job. It will probably take more than a few minutes to get the lighting right and to try a few different poses. If you’re trying to rush through the process because you’re late for a meeting, your photo will suffer.

3. Ask for Privacy

For some people, it can feel a bit ridiculous to pose and smile for the camera. Having an audience will only make this more difficult and make you even more self-conscious. It might be easier to relax if it is just you and the photographer so ask others to give you space.

4. Skip the Fluorescent Lighting

Overhead lighting, especially fluorescent lighting, can make you look tired and unhealthy no matter how great you’re feeling. Instead, opt for a room with lots of natural light, or head outdoors and avoid the fluorescents entirely.

5. Use Realistic Settings

This isn’t school picture day so there’s no reason to go with the generic backdrops and screens that elementary students use. Instead, have your photo taken at your workstation, outside, or in front of some interesting art.

Remember to Have Fun

Image branding is all about giving the other person a sense of who you are and what you do. If you’re relaxed and having fun during your photo shoot, you’ll appear friendly and approachable instead of overly formal and generic.

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